A6610 SOC

A6610 SOC chip is a highly integrated SOC for IOT solution with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and BLE. It (A6610) also includes Andes MCU, Crypto engine, SDIO2.0, SPI, ... and various peripheral interfaces to have high reliability and low power consumption to fulfill various consumer applications. A6610 can be used for Low-Power IOT platform solutions.


Wi-Fi Key Features 




●Compliant to 802.11a/b/g/n/ax up to 114.7Mbps phy-rate @2.4GHz
●QoS, A-MPDU & hardware de-fragmentation
●Handle the Wi-Fi & BLE Co-existence

MCU and Advanced Features




◆ CPU and Memory


●Andes N25F MCU core, compliant to RV32IMAFN of RISC-V ISA extensions, provides up to 520 DMIPS@184 MHz 
●212 KB ROM
●664 KB SRAM
●Embedded 4MB flash and 8MB pseudo-SRAM



◆ Clocks and Timers


●External 26 MHz/40 MHz crystal oscillator
●An optional external 32 KHz crystal oscillator

●One 64-bit timer and 5 × 32-bit timers
●One 44-bit RTC timer



◆ Advanced interface port


●20 independent GPIO port
●12-bit SAR ADC with up to 4 channels of ACC and increased 16-bit resolution
●1 SPI Master/Slave
I²S Master
●2 I²C Master 

●6 PWM
●1 Host/Slave SDIO

●CAN 2.0



◆ Security


●Secure boot
●Flash decryption
●8192-bit OTP, up to 2048-bit for customers
●Cryptographic hardware engine:

  ∙  Multiple HW-based cryptographic standards acceleration

  ∙  Key management
∙  DMA

  ∙  True Random Number Generator (TRNG)

Bluetooth LE Key Features 




●Bluetooth LE Class 1.5 or Class 2 transmitter operation
●Bluetooth LE 5.1 Ready
●Support all BLE5.0 optional features including LE-2Mbps, LE-Long Range, LE-Advertising Extensions
●Dedicated BLE path for best Coex performance
●Interface support, host controller interface (HCI) using a high speed UART interface
●AT Commands support


Applications (examples) 




●Generic IoT Sensor Hub
●Generic IoT Data Loggers
●IoT Mesh Network
●Home Automation

  ∙ Smart Light control

  ∙ Smart plugs

  ∙ Energy monitoring
●Industrial Automation

  ∙ Industrial wireless control

  ∙ Industrial CAN gateway

●Audio Applications

  ∙ Internet music players

  ∙ Audio streaming devices

  ∙ Audio headsets

●Video Applications

  ∙ Cameras 

  ∙ Image Recognition

  ∙ Over-the-top Devices

●Toys Applications

  ∙ Remote control toys

  ∙ Educational robots toys

  ∙ Voice toys

●Retail Applications

  ∙ POS machines

  ∙ PDA machines

  ∙ Service robots

●Health Applications